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You Kick Ass: Here's Your Cape

On any give day, it's perfectly fine to feel like you have super powers. No permission needed. And everyone's super powers are different.

Due to the variety of humans, lives, needs, pressure tolerance levels, and any other plethora of nouns I can stick in this sentence to emphasize our mindblowing diversity, we all have permission to feel like we're pretty darned amazing from time to time.

You know, sprinkled with a nice coating of humility, of course.

After speaking with a friend who has held her mother's hand through illness and death, then jumped right back into taking care of the business that is always involved after a loved one passes away, in addition to also letting those emotions flow in a strong, healthy way, I decided she deserves a super hero cape.

When she asked about my day, I told her I'd just finished juggling a diabetic, geriatric cat with her medication shots, while carrying a two-year-old, and maneuvering groceries from bags to fridge before anything in that lineup exploded. Likewise, she decided I needed a cape, too.

Yes, these two days are totally and completely different. But some days, for you, it's perfectly acceptable to just claim it. Claim that you just flew through the air and saved your day single-handedly and you feel great about it. Whether that means you tackled cooking a new dish, cleaning up cat puke, started chemo, held a friend's hand, quit your job, fell in love again, ran a mile for the first time in your life, or finally learned how to do nothing on a day off without feeling guilty - whatever it may be for you - break out that cape and wear it.

We want to know. Let's support each other. There's no judgement or comparison or guilt (no, not even that "supportive" guilt that's meant to make you do more since you're already that one thing: still guilt). Let's simply appreciate, honor, and celebrate who we all are: individuals doing the best we can every day.

My best. Your best. His best. Her best. Days are different. Feelings and hormones and energy and desires are different. Let's celebrate that good feeling after getting through those challenging days.

Because I want to walk down the sidewalk and see all those capes, so that I can say to you, "whoa! A purple cape! I love it. Tell me about your Cape Day."

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