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This is like an idea board, only it's writing projects that are in the works. Yes, I'm that person who has five different books on my nightstand and nature themes are always present!

Fiction: Romance

FICTION: ROMANCE - "Field Notes" Series. What do you get when you combine sweet storylines, the outdoors, and undeniable chemistry? Steamy, nature-filled romance! Several works are outlined that include biologists, ranchers, outdoor adventurers, and more.

The Digital Detox

NONFICTION: THE DIGITAL DETOX - This is a guide to a healthier relationship with your electronics in a digital world. While it's become necessary to be connected for work, communication, and entertainment, there are ways to gauge your digital appetite and approach your consumption with a healthy balance.

Night Skies

NONFICTION: MEMOIR - 360 Degrees: A Woman, A World, and Evolving Awareness. This is a travel and adventure memoir that reflects on the progression of a woman in outdoor careers and solo travel. From leaving the nest at 18 to being a mom, the stories are weird, wild, spirit-filled, and funny. Naivety and luck aren't ignored, but the connection of humans, nature, and our inner spark stays strongest.

Image by Kathleen Culbertson

FICTION: LITERARY - The Loving House Series - A little old cottage in a Midwestern town has seen its share of life. The owner, a snow-haired woman in her 80s, chose to open the home to any woman who needed respite in the challenging times of life's journey. Each woman is distinct in her story and way of being; the house gains little marks of those stories as the women life, work, and heal, before inevitably leaving its safety and opening the space for the next resident.

Holding Hands

FICTION: ROMANCE - All Roads Lead to You - A multi-faceted story of intertwined romance stories with a twist ending (don't worry, it's happy!). This story will lead you wondering if our choices lead us on independent journeys - or if our paths follow an invisible string of destiny that leads us to one ultimate destination.

Image by Patrick Schneider

FICTION: FANTASY - The Earthkeeper's Chronicles Serial - From an early age, she felt a connection to the natural world. As she grew up, the magic of that world became real and she soon found herself maneuvering through this magic as a protector and human facilitator in the relentless battle between light and shadow. Each story in the series drags the reader deeper in that battle and into her personal struggle to become a truly powerful Earthkeeper.

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