About Cristen

Cristen loves nature and adventure, experiencing a wild and diverse life with plenty of fantasy.  This has inspired not only her adventures, but her writing across various genres.  

Traveling for part of the year, she counts home as three different places: Missouri, where the RV is parked, and where the sailboat is anchored.  She's a conservation biologist, musician, entrepreneur, and mom to a very awesome boy who has special needs.  She travels with him and his also-adventurous dad, plus two dogs (you can see their adventures through www.keywordadventures.com).


When outdoors, she's actively involved with family and mom groups (The Adventure Mamas Initiative), particularly around gravel and mountain biking, kayaking, SUP boarding, rock climbing, hiking/backpacking, and hopes to add mountaineering to the roster for her 40th birthday.  

Cristen studies and enjoys shamanism and has studied both Native American and Peruvian practices throughout the years: her journey into understanding intuition and spiritual practices began around the age of 12. Her current focus with self-growth is being shared in the blog, which talks about the transition from being young woman to mother-woman, changes in life, body, mind, understanding of femininity, and understanding of individual place in the world as an independent woman, committed lover, and involved mother.  

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