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Mid-Summer Check-In - Part 1

We're at the halfway point of the season, which always catches me by surprise. My son is an early riser, which means I'm out of bed to see the sunrise many mornings and I've noticed our daylight hours changing. I don't like to be caught by surprise with my daylight :), such as realizing at some point in October that the sun "suddenly" sets at 7 pm.

Here are some things that can help us be present as the days remain hot, but are beginning to shorten:

  • Take time (each day that you can) to pause and watch the sunrise and/or sunset. Use that as a moment to tune in or reflect on your day. Make a note of the time when you do, which will help mark that time in your present moment. This is also a great way to tune in quietly with the nature around you and see how it's changing with the daylight hours.

  • Make a Rest-of-the-Summer List. Have you gotten out to the river you wanted to paddle? Have you invited friends for a BBQ? Did you clean out the garage? Eaten on the patio at your favorite restaurant? Writing down these things helps keep them fresh in your mind and will likely inspire you to plan a thing or two while summer is still with us.

  • Mid-Summer is also a great time to clear space again. This can be physically clearing clutter out of your home that's accumulated while you've been busy. It could be cleaning out your garage, the closet that catches all things, or the junk drawer you cuss at every time you have to close it. Or this could mean clearing the energy of your space and your self: using sage, palo santo, opening windows, lighting candles, or taking a bath or shower. Here is a wonderful video about smudging (using sage) to cleanse a space.


Tools to Help Cleanse a Space's Energy:

  • White Sage (it's gentle and doesn't take much!)

  • Abalone Shell (or another metal or ceramic bowl you already have)

  • Feather (Turkey feathers work great or you can also use your hand)

  • Matches/Lighter

Note: I also like to open a window and "sweep" the energy out after smudging a room.

(The links in tools are affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I earn a small commission for referring you at no extra cost. Thank you!)


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