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Is Adventure Nature or Nurture?

For the last month, my son has been craving a big adventure. Not like going to the zoo or for a local hike, although he does really enjoy those things. No, lately he's been trying to trick me into a road trip and it's about all he can talk about.

He's two. Just last week he told me he needed his diaper changed in the car. We were in the house and could have easily just used the bathroom there. When I repeated what he said to clarify that I'd heard him right, his only response was a huge grin, grabbing his favorite stuffed friend in one hand, my hand in the other, and determinedly pulling me toward the garage while declaring "road trip!'

Ahhhh, the beloved road trip. Since he was seven months old, we take a month-long, yearly road trip to a destination halfway across the country. It's a blast, a challenge at times, and we all travel well and get into the groove together after a few days. We did this in February to Florida, returning in March. And while we were all sick for half the trip (that's a different story), we all had a fantastic time and dealt as a family with the excited-to-be-home-sad-to-leave-vacation blues.

We've only been back for about six weeks. It's wonderful to be here with our pets, beds, family, friends, activities, etc... but it seems like it's been a hell of a lot longer than six weeks. Eric must feel the same way.

So I lie here in bed, thinking through his asking about road trips, hiking, camping, kayaking many times a day and wonder: has this simply become a normal part of life for him or did he inherit his dad's sense of adventure and his mom's wanderlust?

If the answer turns out to be both, we may be in for quite exciting times indeed.

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