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Your Face in the Bubbles

Like a cluster of bright stars, you see rainbow-glittered bubbles. These bubbles occur naturally from the ocean that provides life and cycles to our planet. This photo was taken the day after a squal in northern Oregon: ocean waves still aggressively churned and strong winds blew sandy, gray stacks of foam on shore. The farther the piles of foam slid up the sand, the smaller and more colorful they became, gleaming brighter every time the sun shined upon them.

Looking closely into each bubble, you see a unique color and size. You see the reflection of a person looking in - and looking back out.

How do these bubbles reflect you? Are they options? A multiverse? Ideas or dreams? Unique parts of your individual personality?

When the storm has passed and the calm is close, remember that it's perfectly natural to feel the resulting churn of emotion that's left. But look ahead; move forward. Allow the challenge of that storm to fall away - dissipate - in order to see the beautiful outcome that God intends for your spirit's growth.

Instead of only remembering the grayness that has been lost, look to the colors that have been created from the process. Your life is rich!

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