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Will You Let the Pesky Boulder Stop You?

Look closely at the photo to the left...

This is a tree that has - and is! - growing around a boulder. What a treat to see and also gain a new definition of "tree hugger." (yuk yuk...)

I could sit here all day and pour over brain-tugging questions (which came first, the tree or the boulder? If a boulder falls from a ledge and a tree catches it, does the forest cheer? Does bark still grow underneath the tree where the boulder touches?), but I really only am reflecting on a couple of traits that nature shares across the board:

Strength and adaptability.

These are characteristics that we have. The question is how, and if, we choose to exercise them.

A tree this size might weigh up to 6 tons (no wonder they can tear their whole root ball out of the ground when they fall, right?). The boulder, being Arkansas sandstone and not knowing how much is buried, could weigh up to 20 tons. Without knowing more, we can assume that the boulder came first and the tree sprouted next to it's protective edge. One day it grew until they touched, but neither one wanted to budge. The boulder was planted in its favorite spot and the tree was quite happy with the food, water, and sun it was getting there, too. They reached an impass.

Have you ever had this happen? Did you give up or persevere?

Adaptability allows us to move with our circumstances. Strength allows us to continue on our original trajectory (up) well and thrive. If we don't embrace both, then we - our self-defeating thoughts and doubts - are the only thing stopping us from reaching our goals and dreams.

Take a lesson from a tree: recognize the obstacle on your path, be open to moving in a creative way, and recognize that you're made to thrive regardless of what you might find along the way.

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