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Non-Fiction Projects

Walking Man (Essay)

For several years, I noticed and wondered about a lone man walking on the side of the road in southern Missouri.  Curiosity about his story and reflecting on my own finally compelled me to approach him.  The meeting wasn't quite what I expected...

Keys of Connection (Self-Help)

We are each a key on the grand piano of life's symphony.  Sometimes we connect and make beautiful music, while other times we clash in discord.  So, how to we continue to play our part in the piece when our connections are so varied and delicate?

Nature's Mirror (Self-Help)

Life is as colorful for us individually as nature is vast.  With beauty, ferocity, gentleness, depth, variety, and richness, nature shows us just how multifarious our choices can be.  Are we willing to look past our initial impressions and see the diversity of the world within and without?

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