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Fiction Projects

Cook's Twister (Thriller)

All Travis wanted to do was enjoy his 20's simply.  He didn't have much, but he had his buddies, a place to live, and enough money for beer.  That is until his friend needed his help - too much help - and Travis found himself cooking meth on a promise and a threat.   Not sure whether he'd lose his mind or his life first, he knew he needed a plan.  But one night brought changes that he never could have cooked up or expected.  That night, everything became twisted...

The Earthkeeper Diaries (Fantasy)

There is powerful magic in this world, both seen and unseen.  While every human is capable of opening to it, few are willing to believe.  Those who embrace the path accept great, obscure responsibility for the earth and humanity.  They vanquish the monsters that lurk in shadows, bring brighter light into the days we have left on this planet, and walk between worlds with a deep wisdom handed down by ancestors and teachers of the old ways. They are Earthkeepers.

The Adventure Series (Children's)

A series of children's stories about outdoor adventures, including camping, paddling, climbing, hiking, and more.  These stories bring a sense of wonder, exploration, and connection to children's time and shared family activities outside.  For example, "Good Night, Campsite," is shared with young children in their tent at night to bring awareness and comfort through the sounds, smells, and sights surrounding them at bedtime. Clustered into one lightweight book, it's packing perfect.

Dear Diaper (Children's)

This children's book is a humorous approach to potty training.  Written like a sweet, heart-felt breakup letter, a child's voice reflects on the good and bad times he shared with his diapers, his memories with his diapers, and his gratitude for his diapers.  He admits that, while they've spent many months together, it's time to move on to big kid undies, but he knows another baby will love diapers as much as he did.  Who knows: maybe the diaper will write a response!

The Note Family Plays (Children's)

This story is the introduction to The Notes, a family of musical notes who live together on their staff.  They run into crazy characters like Treble the Troublemaker and Squiggle the Rest (who is always sleepy). And sometimes one of them might feel "sharp and get worked up" or "flat and feel down."  The story is entertaining for young children while also giving them a playful introduction to a handful of basic musical symbols - something they will remember long into the future.

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