Why Are You So Important?

Why you are so important? Because you are a unique and interesting human with a vastly-reaching spirit inside. You can make connections of all kinds: with other humans, animals, objects, arts, feelings, and more. You can also create. You create with your mind, your hands, each other. You create within your world.

Why is you traveling so important? Because it causes expansion. Travel expands your perspective, your understanding, your compassion. Travel expands what you see as comfortable and what you count as normal. Travel expands your connections with people and places. It expands your awareness, your point of reference, your wisdom, and your cache of stories to share. Travels helps you become brave and independent. Travel can also expand your waistline, but that's simply a side effect of all that tasty exploration.

Why is you traveling in the outdoors so important? Because it brings you back to your roots, the elements, wonder and awe. It reminds you how to connect with the non-human world (the rest of it). Travel in the outdoors reminds you that you speak and understand many more languages than what you know to form on your lips. It shows you how humans are one part of many, of something much bigger than ourselves. Travel outdoors reminds you that we need nature - we are nature.

Why are the outdoors and wilderness important? These two are important because they have inspired humans since we were put here and evolved onto this planet: survival, art, music, beauty, love, and God: we recognize these when we look into the expanse of wilderness because we see that reflection deep within ourselves. Because we are wilderness. Because the wilderness supplies us with everything we need to continue being on this planet comfortably: from water to our electronics, toilet paper to the medicine that helps our headaches dissipate, it all comes back to nature in its most basic form.

Why is the health of the wilderness and planet so important? Because the health of these systems shows how the health of humans is doing: sick planet equals sick people. It's all connected, after all. We are what we eat and drink, and if that is fish with bellies full of plastic or water laced with industrial and medical chemicals, well... On the other hand, when we tend our planet like we tend our family or ourselves, we can see the improvement ripple out much farther. Truly, like dropping a stone in a pond, when a person starts an effort, the ripples continue to touch more until the effect is far reaching - no matter how small it seems.

Why is you + travel + planet such a potent combination? Because the more you travel, the more you see. The more you see, the more you experience. The more you experience, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more empathy you have. The more empathy you have, the more compassion you share. The more compassion you share, the more you touch others and nature. The more you touch with kindness, the more positive the effects. The more positive effects reach out, the more people and places they affect. The more people and places are positively affected, the closer we get to seeing the planet as we've always dreamed.

So why are you important again? Because you alone can kick off that chain of reaction to create the beautiful, healthy, well-loved, highly respected planet we all wish to be a part of. Because it may be your day to walk in your local park and pick up that piece of trash and inspire strangers to do the same. It may be your day to embrace a dream trip to Argentina and your smile at a child shapes her perspective of foreigners for a lifetime. It may be your rescuing a stranded tortoise in the middle of the highway, asking to help a local in Thai fisherman pull in his nets, or helping a Midwestern farmer build a pole barn from scratch so you can simply learn - it could be anything - that begins a reaction to change the world.

I don't even think it could be you: I know it is. Near or far, go on that journey, spend time outside, take a breath, share a smile, and lend a hand. After all, humans will want to preserve what we understand, so let's start getting to know our little planet in a big way.

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