Nature News: Autumn

Greetings and welcome! We're coming to you LIVE from this wonderful place with today's.... Nature News!

Ted, the enormous local Greyhound, is getting to have a nice walk with his human today. She was kind enough to "pack out" what he left behind. He reports, with great exhuberance, that the smells today are "the same, only better, but the same" as yesterday.


A very fat Groundhog found a huge patch of tasty grubs, but he declined to comment on the location of his new treasure.

The Sun is convinced that it's still summer, but the Wind (only feeling a little breezy today) is trying to tell us it's fall. However, rumor of a long-time, secret relationship between Wind and Water were finally confirmed today after after Wind was seen tickling Water and Water rippled with laughter. They are not denying the amorous affair.

The news chopper Team Vulture are reporting no incidents this morning. Traffic is flowing quite well on the ground and in the air.

A catastrophic web failure was narrowly avoided this morning when two Humans walked through the grass unannounced. Luckily, the Spider wasn't home.

The Fish report no seasonal water turning yet. However, they admit that they never really feel it anyway. The ancient Oak was asked for comment, but only smiled and waved.

A local Bee detected a new scent on one of the two humans mentioned earlier. He went to investigate, but noticed the Human moving erractically and avoided the scene. Authority-Bees were not called to investigate further.

And, in Celebrity News, the Monarch Butterflies are coming onto the scene as they continue their tour south. Dressed to the nines in all their usual glory, they couldn't help but turn heads as they entered on the Green Carpet. Though discrete and fairly shy, they always attract our attention and put smiles on everyone's faces.

That's the news for today! Tune in for the next report of Nature News and, as always, Go Outside.

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