September 26, 2015


Crows are a part of the same family in which Ravens, Magpies, and Jays reside.  They are considered some of the most intelligent birds on the planet.  They mimic, they have self-recognition when seeing themselves in mirrors, they can even troubleshoot and shape tools...

July 17, 2015


Look closely at the photo to the left...


This is a tree that has - and is! - growing around a boulder.  What a treat to see and also gain a new definition of "tree hugger."  (yuk yuk...)


I could sit here all day and pour over brain-tugging questions (which came f...

May 9, 2015


Like a cluster of bright stars, you see rainbow-glittered bubbles.  These bubbles occur naturally from the ocean that provides life and cycles to our planet.  This photo was taken the day after a squal in northern Oregon: ocean waves still aggressively churned and str...

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October 16, 2015